David Hall, CFP, Professional CoDA. Executive Financial Adviser.


We are given many things in life for free. They’re the things that we often take for granted – but they’re crucial to living life. One of these freedoms is quickly programmed out of us, and then when we are deemed responsible… it’s thrust back into our hands. This freedom is the freedom of choice.

Being new to making our own adult choices, we often work inside of the obligations placed on us – which essentially limits that freedom of choice. Changing this mindset means that we need to ask different questions; questions that will bear the marks of our individuality.

This is what I’m good at. Finding out who you are, who you want to be and then walking with you as you make and live by your choices. If you’re brave enough for this journey – then let’s go!

272 Bronkhorst street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0011

Office:   +27(0)12 346 9652

Mobile: +27(0)83 656 4143

Email: Dhall@oldmutualpfa.com  


Munier Sydow

Munier Sydow, a registered financial adviser, has been rendering financial advice to his client base for some nine years. His typical client profile comprises business owners, senior managers, directors, accountants and attorneys.

Munier may be contacted on (021) 555-9312, or on his cell 082-494-5444. You can also send an email to msydow@oldmutual.com

Lourens Coetzer

Lourens Coetzer has been providing comprehensive financial planning to clients for longer than a decade. He is accredited to do investment, retirement, risk, will and estate planning. In addition, family businesses can approach him for business assurance including buy and sell agreements as well as key man insurance.

Lourens can be contacted on (012) 366-1100 or on 083-399-2344.

Leon Rheeder

Should your family business require professional financial advice or planning, please contact Leon Rheeder from Private Wealth Management in Pretoria.

His numbers are (012) 366-1212 or on 082-772-1562. You can also send an email to: LRheeder@oldmutual.com

Morne Potgieter

Most people have goals they would like to achieve, and very often they have the means and ability to achieve them. The fact is, however, that the vast majority of people don’t reach their goals. ” People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan”. Typically, when working towards a future goal most people implement a variety of financial products because they feel they should be doing something. There is rarely any analysis involved in how much needs to be committed to the goal or if indeed the most effective investment vehicle is being used. Achieving goals in this manner is more often down to luck. My role is to help you take the guesswork out of the equation. If your objective is to create, manage or protect your wealth, I would like to partner with you on this journey.

Let me help you shape your financial destiny. Request your no-obligation introductory consultation right away by calling me at tel: 021-555 9316, cell: 082 462 0819 or e-mail: mpotgieter5@oldmutual.com.

Emmanuel Sequeira

Emmanuel Sequeira is an accredited and professional financial adviser based in Gauteng. His services and advice include investment planning, business and risk insurance (death, disability and impairment), employment benefits, pre-retirement planning as well as commercial and personal short term assurance.

Should your family business require his financial expertise, Emmanuel can be contacted on (011) 288-7000 (office); 076 731 9049 (cell); 0866 373 635 (fax) or via email esequeira@oldmutual.com

Petrie Swanevelder

Petrie Swanevelder from Knysna is an executive financial adviser based at Old Mutual’s PFA branch in Knysna. Petrie is well-qualifed to render financial advice and sell a wide variety of financial products.

His contact details are: Tel ( 044) 302 1715 : Cell 083 6533 177: Email: pswanevelder@oldmutual.com You can also visit his website www.swanevelderadvisors.com

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